storage space attic and garage pr4 1jl

from £18.48 weekly

from £80.00 per month.

Neighbourhood storage / garage-storage
7.0 x 13.0 metres
4.0 metres


attic with floor and insulation, for just one persons goods, none valuable light items, which i will want to inspect, sturdy youngman ladder..use after 11 am
price will go up if used more than once per week and if large quantity is to be stored..
space to be left to get to meter and inverter for service to solar panels there is also internal garage for car or none valuable items £40 per week minium 10 weeks
goods are stored at your own risk...
any questions just ask

Sydney m

i have space in attic of 6 bed house and only one flight of stairs to climb for items that i will need to see and not of much value

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