Single secure garage available for general storage KT4 - Worcester Park, Morden,

£23.09 weekly

£100.00 per month.

Neighbourhood storage / garage-storage
1.6 x 3.5 metres
2.5 metres


Store your boxes of things in our garage!

Secure garage on the side of our house. I often work from home so access often possible daytime weekdays, evenings, weekends if you let us know when we will endeavour to be here.

We have a single brick built garage (just too small for a car) with about 3.5 metres by 1.6 metres of storage space up for rent. (The remaining bit of space down the side is for our bicycles).

If you have spare things to store then this is a great opportunity to get a lot of storage room without having to trek to an expensive self storage facility somewhere miles away.

We are just on the Worcester Park / North Cheam border, right near Morden in KT4.

Would also consider motorbike storage in the garage, but it's too small for a car. Garage has no power source. Could fit a sofa or other furniture.

Long term or short term welcome. Payment due at start of each month.

Of course the rules are:
No illegal items, nothing dangerous, nothing 'living' etc. We will keep them locked and secure in the garage, but as with all storage of this sort, it's up to you to pack and stack your items in a safe manner, we aren't responsible if you damage them or they fall down due to how you packed them, do tell your home insurance provider you have items in storage so they are covered too as insurance on your items is your responsibility :)

Rebecca W

We live on the Worcester Park / North Cheam border, near Morden in KT4 8. We have a garage which would be a great place for your storage items :)

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