Entire garage near Chester/Wrexham

from £18.48 weekly

from £80.00 per month.

Neighbourhood storage / garage-storage
2.45 x 5.4 metres
1.9 metres


A good sized garage suitable for all storage requirements.

It is Safe and secure: only accessible from the front (down a driveway which runs along the side of the house to the back of the property - the garage is not on the roadside); multiple padlock fixings on doors and; motion sensor flood light. Our neighborhood is very quiet, we know our neighbors well and crime is unheard of.

Official sizes are the absolute minimum in certain areas, meaning that sections of this space are actually larger than stated (for example: the lowest point of the ceiling is 1.9m however a good portion of the garage has a height of 2.2m).

Feel free to get in touch if you would like other information and/or to see the space for yourself.

Mobile: 07511535379

This advert is for the entire space, you would not be sharing with anyone else, myself included.

Geoff H

I work in office administration in Chester, I also produce music for films and run a small dog sitting business from home.

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