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from £1.15 weekly

from £5.00 per month.

Neighbourhood storage / attic
4.0 x 6.0 metres
1.5 metres


I'm offering local, safe storage in my home to people who live nearby.

- PRICE: £5 p/ month for a large box. You will not find a better price through any of the storage companies.

- PEACE OF MIND: Rest easy knowing your stuff is nearby with someone you know in the area. I'll provide an agreement we can sign so you know I won't steal / damage your things.

- SAFE: My loft is totally self contained, locked at all times, free of damp.

- BOXES: I sell 64 litre heavy duty boxes at £4 each, or you can use your own boxes (up to 45cm x 45cm x 45cm)

- BULKY ITEMS: If you have any items which don't fit in a box, no problem - let's talk.

Look forward to hearing from you


Anthony P

Offering storage space in my totally self contained loft. Locked at all times, free of damp.

Member since: 01/16