Guide to making a good Storenextdoor storage advert

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What makes a good storage advert? Well... Storenextdoor users tell us that it's all about the quality of information and how it's presented. They want facts, photos and a friendly tone - and they don't want any spin! 

For our premium business trialists and members we aim to pass through the best quality referrals that we can - so that they convert to sales. For our users we want to be able to offer the best options available, provide accurate search results that are filtered by keyword and storage type and facilitate an informed decision. The truth is that good quality adverts generate more sales because;

- customers are already well informed when they contact you so you don't have to spend time explaining the basics
- if a customer makes an enquiry based on all the right information it's because they are genuinely interested 
- it generates good SEO; if your description is accurate and helps the customer the search engines will also like it 
- customers want to make an informed decision and they like to be invited to get in touch

Good headings

The heading of your listing is not only important in terms of being descriptive for the customer but it is also the most significant place in terms of keywords that get picked up by the search engines. This is why we recommend that you make it a summary of the storage type and also the location e.g.

Business / Document storage in Nottingham
Container self storage in Exeter. Easy access
Anyons Caravan Storage & Self Storage, Preston

 In our experience people generally look for storage with 7 miles of where they are located (or where they will be located in the case of a house-move). For this reason we automatically generate the sub header to ensure the advert is targeted well in the region.




Along with the pictures, the description is probably the most important part of your listing. This is your time to shine and make your business look good. There’s actually no limit to the amount you can write but we recommend a couple of paragraphs - written in the same style as something that you would feature on your own business website. Here are our top tips to a good description:

- Keep a friendly tone that covers all the usual questions; about parking, CCTV, special rates, minimum storage term etc
- Invite the customer to get in touch for a quote
- Include any specifics about access e.g.. can the customer drive up to the storage unit / space
- Mention special deals or offers - particularly if you do special deals per targeted user e.g. students or military personel
- Add further details about your pricing and whether the quoted price includes VAT
- Ensure that the list of what you are able to store is accurate and targeted (or you will get enquiries for things that you simply can’t accommodate… ever tried to get a caravan into a 20’ container?)

Storenextdoor listing dropdowns


You can select general information from the dropdowns about the climate / access and - but add details to the description if there is something specific to mention.



We are not a comparison website and this is why we order our storage listings purely by geography rather than price (or any other comparison factors). However, we do offer the facility to do a ‘Price From’ which gives the customer an idea of what you charge for your smallest unit. This is to ensure that customers have realistic expectations about your minimum storage prices before they get in touch with you. If you prefer not to state a minimum price you can put a zero in the price field and it will not display one on the advert.

Targeted adverts

You can make up to 3 adverts for each storage location and this means you can accurately target different customer segments with the right type of information - depending on the facilities that you offer at your company. So as well as a general advert about your storage business your listing might have 2 more adverts specifically vehicle, student, boat or business storage. For example; if a customer comes in through google with the keywords ‘storage, Salford, student’, then they would land on the advert that is tailored towards student storage rather than the general advert for the business.  

As well as targeted information in the description it’s also important to tag your adverts with the right ‘categories’  - this means that if a customer is using the search filters it will accurately cut down the search results to return the most relevant results.


Good pictures

Storenextdoor listing pictues - Big Padlock

Photos are a very important part of the message that you are communicating and they should definitely be included in your advert. We find that adverts with good pictures get a better rate of enquiry than those with just the default image.

Pictures will make your business look more attractive to potential customers and it will also make you look more professional and trustworthy to the search engines.

Storenextdoor listing pictues - Big Padlock

You can have 1 - 3 pictures as well as your logo (which is part of your profile). Pictures should and ideally should be landscape.

Try to keep them under 1 mb or they may have problems uploading if your connection is slow or get in touch if you need assistance!

If possible, take photos on a bright, sunny day when natural light is at its best. Sunny days offer the best light for indoor pictures too.

Photograph your USPs. Make sure you take photos of your unique selling points, such as your security, welcoming reception, easy access

As well as pictures of your units or spaces you could show;

- Images of your employees at your business

- Pictures of your security (locks, gates, CCTV or fence)

- Specific images related to the ’type’ of storage if you offer specialist storage e.g. refrigerated storage, wine storage, document storage


We are here to help!

Finally - don't be afraid to contact us to ask for help. We are more than happy to help with creating the perfect adverts for you and are always keen to fine tune them if they are not performing as well as we would expect.

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