The Storenextdoor Guide to Business Storage for Ebay and Online Traders 

With ten million live listings on Ebay at any one time it is no wonder more and more people need practical storage solutions to store their products, packaging and stock. 

With hundreds of thousands of people using the internet as a shopfront and with sites like Ebay providing many with a secondary or primary source of income - storage solutions are key to running a successful online business.

Many people sell products online or on Ebay as a hobby, which can quickly escalate and become a real business bringing in a decent income. As more orders are taken and more products needed, that spare room, office of garage once used to store your stock quickly begins to become a problem, leaving you with little home space and with your business taking over your life!  

Successfully Store Stock

Storage companies up and down the country will provide you with various options for storing your stock. Consider exactly how you would like to access your products, will it be everyday at anytime, or will it just be once a week? You may prefer to have a self-storage unit - allowing only you to access the unit and therefore giving you the freedom to come and go whenever it suits. Or you might prefer to find a locally owned garage, loft space or spare room, these options may be more convenient to your situation - check however when you can access this storage and if the environment is dry and water-proof.

Extra Services

You may prefer to go with a self-storage company that offers security with CCTV monitors and an environment that is kept at a certain temperature. Some storage companies could offer you the added benefit of having your business deliveries sent directly to the storage company, the staff there accept and keep your delivery until you arrive and take it to your storage area. The storage possibilities available to suit your business needs are very varied and competitively priced. 

Seasonal Storage 

Are your products seasonal? Will you have more or less stock at different times of the year? If so you may consider a larger storage company which can offer you various sizes of storage as your needs change throughout the year, downgrading to smaller space and upgrading as your needs change.


If you are storing commercial items - ensuring you have the correct insurance is paramount to giving you peace of mind over your stock. Many companies will offer insurance as part of the quote you are offered - other smaller or private storage businesses will expect you to take out your own insurance.

Your Stock Room

Your storage unit will effectively become your stock room allowing you to conduct your business much more efficiently, with peace of mind that your valuable stock is securely stored in an environment that suits you and your business needs.