The Storenextdoor Guide to storage for house moving

Moving house, according to some, can be one of life's most stressful experiences, however, plan effectively, utilise your local storage space, follow our expert guide to storage for house moves and you will find your re-location, whether it is thousands of miles away in another continent or 500 yards down the road, a stress-free affair.

Step One:

So you have decided to put your house on the market? To ensure your house is sold quickly and for the best price, the number one thing you can do is de-clutter! This will simply and powerfully transform your house and help it to become more of a showroom than a messy, lived-in home! When you have removed the house of all the unnecessary excess personal possessions, bulky furniture, household goods or sporting toys that are not regularly used - take them straight to your local storage facility to store them until you need them again.

You will find that a clearer house, is much easier to keep tidy for viewings and is far more enticing to potential buyers. Your storage options are huge and vary from a small storage space, about the size of a telephone booth, to enormous, the size of a tennis court, with local private garages or spare rooms in-between. Storage companies strive to accommodate you whatever goods you need storing and the prices are competitive so shop around.

Step Two:

Congratulations! Your house is sold. Many storage companies can help you as plan your packing. Packing materials can be purchased to facilitate your planned move, boxes, bubble wrap, tape - can all be ordered and sent directly to your home or you can pick it up from the storage company. Storage centres can also help you to hire a van and some will even provide you with the option of having goods picked up by the storage company themselves, that is if you are putting your household goods into storage before you move into your new home.

Step Three:

Your house is sold but you are stuck in a chain? Don’t panic! Many storage companies offer storage for your entire household possessions for one day, one week, one month, one year or more - the choice is yours. Once your goods are in storage you can access them at any time of the day and any day of the week and as soon as you are ready to move in just organise to have your goods in storage picked up.

Step Four:

Your house is sold but you are not ready to move into it yet. Every storage company offers you storage solutions for you to store all, or just some, of your household possessions, whenever, however you like, from a box of kitchen goods to a lorry full of furniture. Consider, when you are are researching the options available to you the access you will need to get your goods stored safely, is it on the ground floor? Is there parking for a lorry or a van?

Step Five:

Do you need to access your household possessions? If you intend to leave your possessions securely stored for a definite amount of time, there are storage solutions that suit your situation. Container storage can provide you with a large space that can be easily accessed by doors at one end and will keep your furniture and house-hold goods dry and watertight for a long period of time - useful if you are re-locating abroad for a fixed term.

However, if you would like to have regular access to your possessions, then a self-storage company can provide accessible solutions, with various sized units available offering a dry, damp-proofed environment, which you can open with your own key, typically during normal working hours, seven days a week - check access times if that is important to you.


Remember to check whether insurance is included in the cost of your storage quote or whether you should take out your own insurance to protect your household goods.