What to look for - Motorhome Storage

Hundreds of thousands of people own a motorhome but very few have the luxury of storing it at home, in a secure place, away from a public road. So where should you store your motorhome?

A motorhome is a big investment and it needs a safe secure storage facility to keep it out of harms way and but be ever ready to take off on another holiday adventure. Ideally your motorhome storage facility should be convenient to where you live so that when you do decide to use your motorhome you can easily access the vehicle and drive it straight off into the sunset.

A storage facility that specialises in storing motorhomes and caravans could significantly reduce your insurance premium if you chose to store your motorhome at a secure site rather than on your own property.

Doing your own research will pay off - there are plenty of competitively priced motorhome storage facilities that will provide you with safe, secure motorhome storage, giving you complete peace of mind. These facilities also offer you the choice between year round storage or seasonal storage - giving you more choice.

Locating CaSSOA Secure Storage Sites

The Caravan Storage Site Owners Association (CaSSOA) provides caravan and motorhome owners with a high degree of precaution and are associated with more than 500 registered safe caravan and motorhome storage sites. Each site is rated Gold, Silver or Bronze depending on the security level available on each site.

Security Measures

The best security compound for storing your motorhome should provide you with the following facilities: high perimeter fences, good lighting, good separation between units, full public liability insurance, good access to major road routes, level, hard standard parking, washing, toilet and waste water dumping facilities, high security gates with locks, CCTV cameras and, finally, controlled access with one entry and one exit point, which is managed by cards, keypads or heavy-duty locks.

Private Non-Trade Motorhome Storage

Alternatively, you could scour the non-trade, private storage spaces and park your motorhome in a field, on a farm, a forecourt, a private drive or elsewhere. It is important that you weigh up the pros and cons when choosing this option and that you make the right decision based on the value of your motorhome, access, security and your insurance.

If you chose to store your motorhome at a non-trade storage site ensure you have made precautions against pests, i.e. mice or other unwanted guests, or check to see if the site management have devised precautions.

What Kind of Access Do I Need?

When you chose your motorhome storage facility check whether it offers you 24 hour access. Many holidaymakers come back from at all times of the day and night - so it is important you check whether you can get in and out at times that are suitable to you and your personal holiday plans.


You are required to insure your motorhome independently and there a many companies that offer deals on motorhome insurance. If your motorhome is parked on a drive, the insurance premium will be subject to the postcode the motorhome is stored. If you decide to go with a CaSSOA associated motorhome storage site your insurance policy is likely to be reduced because the CaSSOA sites tend to have less motorhome thefts.