The Storenextdoor guide to storing your motorcycle 

Are you looking for a safe, secure, protected environment to store your motorbike? Motorcycle storage is essential to keeping your motorbike in peak condition at all times.

By choosing to store your motorbike in a secure storage space,over the winter of for a prolonged period of time you will find safe and dry storage units for your valuable machine.

Storage Options

Is 24/7 access to your motorcycle essential to your storage requirements? If it is, you might consider storing your motorbike in container storage or a non-trade listing like a garage or outbuilding. Ensure, however, that these storage environments are dry and damp proof so that your motorcycle stays in its current condition and is well out of harms way. These storage options generally give you your own key so that you may come and go as you wish.

Container storage will also often provide a secure environment and often the compound the container is housed in will be secured, often with CCTV cameras to give you real peace of mind over the storage of your treasured motorbike.

Considerations For Motorbike Storage

Look for a storage environment that is away from, or does not have windows - sunlight can fade paint and plastic parts. Direct sunlight could also raise the temperature of the storage space, which may cause condensation when the sun goes down. Always cover your motorbike with a specially designed motorbike cover, not plastic or cotton, cotton will absorb moisture and plastic will prevent moisture from getting out.

Winter or Long Duration Motorbike Storage

If you do not need 24/7 access and are looking for a storage facility that will keep your motorbike out of harms way for an extended period of time then you may wish to research warehouse storage. Plenty of storage facilities offer spare space in a warehouse on site, these environments are especially useful for long term motorcycle storage.

If you chose a long-term or winter storage option for your motorbike, change the oil for colder winter motorcycle grade oil before you store it.

There are also specialist storage facilities that offer temperature controlled storage and even on site mechanics, often used by classic car owners but these environments would be secure for any valuable vehicle including your motorbike.


It is often compulsory to take out insurance when your store your motorcycle with the majority of large self storage units, sometimes they may provide you with this as part of the overall quote. You should check before you commit to a storage option whether it is left up to your discretion or if it is included.