What to look for when you need storage for your classic car

Determining the best option when it comes to choosing classic car storage can be confusing. Use our Guide to Classic Car Storage in the UK to make the decision that is best for you and your much loved classic car.

There are plenty of storage options for your classic car but ultimately what you pay for is what you get. You can find classic car storage environments that are temperature controlled with high end security and on-site mechanics or you could choose to store your classic car in a local garage or outbuilding.

Winter and Long Duration Classic Car Storage

It is a well known fact that classic cars are often better off used than unused so if you need to place your classic car into storage for a prolonged period of time it is worth getting in touch with the many classic car storage companies that offer the service of moving your classic car regularly so that the engine can turn over and be kept in top condition.

What these classic car, connoisseur storage companies offer can range from, temperature controlled warehouses, CCTV and alarm systems, regular vehicle checkups, regular engine runs, MOT’s, car covers, shipping, collection, valeting, repairs and restoration, amongst other benefits.

These high end storage facilities for classic cars or classic motorbikes tend to charge by the week or month with various packages providing one or more of the services mentioned.

Budget Classic Car Storage Options

If you simply cannot afford the specialist classic car facilities available then a non-trade storage option could be your best bet. Specialists advise to look for storage environments which would be suitable to house a classic car, these include dry, airy barns, wood or brick garages. It is essential that the storage space is entirely damp-proof. Ideally chose a private garage or barn that is local to you allowing you to have regular access to your classic car. 

Ensure there is efficient security and that you have the appropriate insurance policy in place for your valuable classic car.

Preparation Before Storage

Before you store your classic car, be sure to clean and treat the leather upholstery with a good quality leather shampoo and wipe the woodwork with a linseed oil cloth. Pump the tyres to prevent spotting and air leakage, a good engineer will also advise you to change the oil, filter and coolant.

Charge the battery, clean the body work with a good wax polish and ensure it is completely air dry before you put it into storage.

Peace of Mind

Expect the larger specialist classic car warehouses to be covered by insurance to store your classic cars, move them around onsite and for transportation, however, always check this is covered in the quote you are given.

For private storage situations ensure you have taken out insurance to give you complete peace of mind whilst your classic car is in storage.