What to look for when you need Boat Storage

Are you looking for secure boat storage for the short term, year round or on a month by month basis? Read our guide to choosing secure boat storage facilities to help you make your decision.

Where Should I Store My Boat?

Boats can be stored in the water, on land, covered but in the open air or inside a storage warehouse in a boat stack. Boat owners tend to chose to take their boats out of water during the winter months to prevent water and winter weather damage and to give them the opportunity to clean the hull and make repairs.

Winter Storage

Short term winter storage for boats, ribs, yachts, jet-skis, boat trailers and day boats are available at boat yards up and down the country. Boatyard storage provide their customers with a range of storage options depending on your budget and demands. Ultimately you are looking for a boat storage company that can provide you with a safe, secure storage unit for the right price.


With boatyards and marinas offering boat storage by rivers and the sea across the UK - the location of the boat storage should be convenient to you and your boat. You will need to access the boat yard either by car and boat trailer or by boat. 

What Should I Expect

Boatyards and Marinas offer a wealth of services depending on the amount of money you wish to spend. Basic services include a secure environment that has 24hr CCTV surveillance and, or, an alarm system and that can only be accessed by authorised personnel. The storage site should be easy to access and well kept.

Boat Stack

If you chose a boat-stack to keep your boat stored then you should expect to find your boat stored in a dry berth, inside a large boat-stacking warehouse. A boat stack will keep your vessel completely protected by the weather. Services at boat stack yards include: fresh-water cleaning after the boat has been removed from the sea to keep it free from salt and re-launching the boat amongst other services, including: cleaning, boat maintenance, parking, showers, a cafe and berths.

Hard Standing Storage

A boatyard or marina often provide hard standing storage, this kind of storage package is generally competitively priced - so shop around. Expect to have a secure compound environment, that has 24hr access and is protected by security coverage. Your quote should include lift out and storage ashore within it.

Container Storage

A number of storage facilities offer container storage. Containers come in varying sizes from 10ft, 20ft and up to 40ft. The rental period for containers is often very flexible from one month to one year, or over a seasonal period. Ensure that the container is easy to access, that it has secure locks and that you can access it whenever you would like.


Expect to be able to access the ship or boat yard, boat-stack, marina, or storage facility from 7am-7pm seven days of the week. Container storage will potentially allow you to access your boat at any time because only you will have the key to the container, but make sure you can enter and exit the compound at your own discretion - many compounds allow 24/7 access using an entry control system. 


You may find that if you have chose to store your boat at a secure boat storage yard your insurance costs could be reduced. Always check to see if insurance is covered in the quote, many storage companies will expect you to be responsible for your insurance policy.