What to look for when you are storing your bike

Are you looking for a safe, secure place to store your bicycle? Many bicycle owners often have more than one bike and look for a safe, dry and protected environment to store their bikes.

Living in shared accommodation or smaller properties can make storing bicycles extremely tricky and with many biking enthusiasts owning more than one type of bike this can create extra problems with your flat mates or neighbours.

By choosing to store your bicycles at a secure storage space, bike owners can find safe and dry environments for the bikes.

Winter Bicycle Storage

An important element to keep in mind is finding a storage area that is water tight and does not let in the elements, rusty bikes are not an option! During the winter months cyclists often store bicycles. If you chose an unheated storage unit, for example a local garage or container storage, during the winter, ensure you lubricate your cables and chain before you put the bikes into storage. Another tip to think about is to store your bicycle upside down to keep the weight off the tyres and to keep the bike in tip top condition ready to get straight back out and on the road again in spring.

Self-Storage Options

If you would like to have regular access to your bicycles and cycling accoutrements, consider a self-storage facility. These storage companies offer a clean, secure and a 24/7 monitored environment. You would have your own key to access your unit, sizes are varied and include 10x5 (10 feet wide by 5 feet (1.5 m) deep) about the size of a large walk-in cupboard, 10x10 (about the size of a child's bedroom) and 10x20 (a one-car garage size), larger units are also available as well. Each unit is built out of corrugated metal and locked using a padlock.

Bicycle Access

Are you storing your bicycles for an extended period of time, or would you like to have regular access to them? If you want access everyday - ensure you state that in your storage search. Some self-storage companies offer 24hr access, others offer opening times more in line with office hours, i.e. 9am-6pm. If constant access is an issue for you - a non-trade listing may be the best option for you, a local garage or an outbuilding, which should allow you complete flexibility.

Peace of Mind

Your bicycles are precious to you, they are valuable so make sure you have taken out the right insurance cover, or if you have chosen to get a quote from a self-storage company make sure you check that the insurance is included in the overall price.