How to create a really good trade advert

The Storenextdoor directory is split into categories so that your adverts can be easily found by both storage customers and the search engines. The categories are:

Self storage: for all commercial companies that offer direct customer access which is usually on a 24/7 basis - includes storage units, shipping container storage and lock up storage.

Commercial storage: for business purposes including stock storage, archive and document storage.

Managed storage: for storage services including removals & storage, valet storage (pickup and deliver by the box) or mobile pod storage. This section also covers specialist storage services for items like Art, Wine or Perishable Goods.

Vehicle storage: for all types of vehicle and trailer including caravans, motorhomes, boats cars, classic cars and commercial vehicles.

To create an advert:

1. Click ‘Add a location’ button
2. Edit the details for the location if they are different to your profile information
3. Click ’Add an advert to this location’ button
4. Select category for the advert (self storage, managed storage, commercial, vehicle & trailer)
5. Add information and pictures
6. Publish and review You can add up to 3 adverts at each storage location. You need to allocate a category for each advert - Self Storage, Managed Storage, Commercial Storage and Vehicle Storage.  You can have one Primary advert in each category (this is indicated by the *asterisk). If you add another ‘specialist’ advert to the same category eg. Classic Car in Vehicle category, you will need to give it some ‘related search’ terms. NB: Keep ‘related search’ terms as specific as possible to the storage type.

Claiming an advert: If you have seen an advert for your storage company in our free listing section you can claim it as your own. To do this, click on the ‘Claim an advert’ button and enter the postcode for your location. Your claim will be moderated and checks will be made that you own the company. You will receive a notification when this is done and you will be able to edit the details in the advert.

Adding a new location: If you have more than one storage location or if your storage location is at a different postcode to your profile address, you can create another location profile by clicking on the ‘Add new location’ button. Please note that our pricing is per location so check the ‘Plans’ page for details.