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Introduction to Storenextdoor

Storenextdoor is the UK’s leading self-storage marketplace for local search, and service comparison, from the largest choice of trade and private providers. In simple terms, the site connects people that have stuff to store with reputable storage/storage businesses and people with space to spare.

Storenextdoor offers a basic free advert for any company that offers storage in the UK. This could be domestic or business self storage, a storage service (like removals and storage), vehicle, boat, caravan or car storage. We also have a number of companies listed that offer specialist business storage services like document archiving or fulfillment.

Storage spaces are listed by individuals with spare space in their homes or property (private or non-trade members) as well as businesses in the storage industry (Trade members). For the person looking for storage space, it offers an invaluable search tool to find local, good value space to rent.

Storenextdoor offers a basic free advert for any company that offers storage in the UK. Storage companies are able to claim their free advert and also have the option to upgrade to a premium advert for a small annual or monthly subscription fee. We take no further (commission-based or lead-based) fees. For enterprise customers (storage companies with more than 5 locations), we offer a referral based commission model as an alternative to pay per advert. See Information for Trade Members for more details.

For homeowners with space to rent out, it is FREE to register a profile and to set up your listing. Homeowners decide how much to charge for their space. Any enquiry is emailed directly to them and they can decide to follow up via email or telephone. Storenextdoor does not have any involvement in, or charge any commission for, the storage arrangement.

If you are looking for space, it is FREE to search the site to find the best value provider local to you. If you decide contact either a commercial company or a householder, the cost will be clearly displayed on the relevant listing and you can contract them by making an enquiry via their advert.

If you are a Business that offers storage facilities then go to the Information for Trade Members section for information and rates.

If you have spare space at home or at your business (a loft, garage, undercroft or outbuilding), go to the What could I earn page to find out how to get started.

You can also create a login create a login and get started with your listing!

We recommend that you make your listing as comprehensive as possible and provide three photographs. The more you can put in your listing, the less questions you are likely to be asked about it.

Also, the more accurate the listing, the more chance you have of renting it out to the right person at the right price.

For Trade members we provide a Guide to making a good advert.

For Trade adverts: You can make up to three adverts for any one location under one subscription. This means that you can either showcase different types of storage in different categories (e.g. Self storage, Commercial, Vehicle and Managed Storage) or make specific listings for particular customer segments that you have available (e.g. Pallet Storage, Mobile Pod Storage or Student Storage).

For Neighbourhood listings: You are allowed to advertise up to three spaces at a time.

Have a trade account?

If you see your storage company listed on our site you can claim it by clicking through the link on the advert and registering your business.

Once you have claimed it you will receive a notification via email that it is being moderated. It is important for us to be sure that the claim is genuine so we take steps to verify the ownership before the claimant is allowed to takeover the listing.

There is no fee to claim a listing and you will automatically be given a 2 month free trial of a premium account once you have registered. After the trial period you can revert to a free listing (this will remove the weblink and the pictures) or you can upgrade to a premium account.

The Storenextdoor directory is split into categories by storage ‘type’ so that your adverts can be easily found by both storage customers and the search engines. The categories are:

Self storage: for all commercial companies that offer direct customer access which is usually on a 24/7 basis - includes storage units, shipping container storage and lock up storage.

Commercial storage: for business purposes including stock storage, archive and document storage.

Managed storage: for storage services including removals & storage, valet storage (pickup and deliver by the box) or mobile pod storage. This section also covers specialist storage services for items like Art, Wine or Perishable Goods.

Vehicle storage: for all types of vehicle and trailer including caravans, motorhomes, boats cars, classic cars and commercial vehicles.

To create an advert: 1. Click ‘Add a location’ button 2. Edit the details for the location if they are different to your profile information 3. Click ’Add an advert to this location’ button 4. Select category for the advert (self storage, managed storage, commercial, vehicle & trailer) 5. Add information and pictures 6. Publish and review

You can add up to 3 adverts at each storage location but they must all be in different categories.

Adding a new location: If you have more than one storage location or if your storage location is at a different postcode to your profile address, you can create another location profile by clicking on the ‘Add new location’ button. Please note that our pricing is per location so check the ‘Plans’ page for details.

Renting out the spare space in your home?

You can rent out any room inside your house (e.g. your loft, cellar and spare rooms) You can also rent out a garage, shed or outbuilding.

You can also able to rent out a driveway or forecourt to store cars, motorbikes or boat.

For spaces inside your house we strongly advise you to contact your home insurance provider to check the type of cover that you have and whether they allow you to store someone else's items in your home.

You are free to set the price for your space as high or as low as you want to but here are some useful tips (more relevant for Neighbourhood listings):

  1. Base your price on the size of your space and the availability of other storage in your neighbourhood - ie. if you live in a city centre you can charge more than if you live in a town or village where people have more storage space.

  2. Enhance your space. People are more likely to pay for a good level of security, cleanliness and climate (i.e. not damp or prone to extreme temperatures). Is there anything you can do to improve what you currently have in order to make it a premium choice?

When you get a notification that someone is interested in your storage space:

If your space is available and you would be happy to rent it to the person that has made the enquiry or you just want more information about what they need, you can contact them directly via email or phone. You should aim to respond within 24 hours. The storage enquiry then continues as a private arrangement between you and the person that requires storage.

We recommend that you arrange a visit before agreeing anything definite with the enquirer.

Storenextdoor does not provide insurance or a legal contract. - It's up to the person renting your space to arrange their own insurance for their items or vehicle. - We recommend that you make arrangements to collect the first month's rent up front and agree the terms of the storage arrangement in writing or via email. - We also recommend that the person storing their items makes an inventory and shares this with the homeowner prior to moving in.

No. It is up to you to share your location and contact details once you are happy to proceed with an enquiry and have got to the stage that a viewing has been requested.

You can remove the listing yourself by selecting the advert from your 'My Adverts' page within your 'My account' section and sliding the 'Show in search results' toggle to the OFF option.

If you want to cancel your account please email hello@storenextdoor.com.

If you are a UK tax payer you will need to declare your income to HMRC. You may need to pay tax, the rate of which will depend on how much income you earn and whether you have income from any other source.

Check the rate table at the HMRC website and the information on self-assessment for further details on how and when declarations must be made.

Looking for storage space?

Yes. If you are looking to store a car, motorbike, caravan or boat you could look for a Trade member with suitable space or a garage, driveway or forecourt - we advise you to have comprehensive insurance for your vehicle for the duration of the storage period).


A basic registration is your email address, password and mobile phone number (so that we can send you alerts to communicate about a advert and not for any other reason).

To make an advert you have to complete your profile.

Why not give it a go and register right away?

Please email hello@storenextdoor.com to cancel your account.