Earn extra income by renting out the spare space at your home as storage! 

How much could you earn by becoming a neighbourhood storage provider? Do you have a loft or garage sitting empty, or a spare room that you don't use very much? How about having a go at renting it out to people in your neighbourhood who need self-storage? 

Questions and Answers

What type of space is suitable?

Your space could be any part of your home - it may be a loft, basement, spare room or garage - or even a large cupboard. It just needs to be dry, secure and accessible. You could also rent out an uncovered space that you own (driveway or forecourt) for the storage of boats, caravans, motorhomes etc.

The average price for a neighbourhood listing is £90/month for a garage or £75/month for a spare room.

Is there a set storage period?

No. People tend to store for 3 to 12 months minimum. 

What type of things do people store?

Most people store non-valuable domestic items; for example, furniture, books, sports equipment, clothes etc. There is also a need for stock storage from small local businesses and ebay businesses.

How much does it cost to list?

It’s free!

How much commission does Storenextdoor take? 


Does Storenextdoor provide insurance or a legal contract?


  • It's up to the person renting your space to arrange their own insurance for their items or vehicle.
  • We recommend that you make arrangements to collect the first month's rent up front and agree the terms of the storage arrangement in writing or via email.
  • We also recommend that the person storing their items makes an inventory and shares this with the homeowner prior to moving in. 


Please have a look at the FAQ’s for more information.


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