How Storenextdoor started...

Three significant events happened to inspire the idea of having a search based website that listed both existing space available from storage companies as well as the spaces belonging to individual property owners: Dom cleared out his garage, Dan discovered that he needed to de-clutter his spare room to make a nursery, and Rosie inherited a dinghy... how about ... we thought ... Dan uses Rosie’s loft and Rosie puts her boat in Dom’s garage?

Once we had launched the neighbourhood service, we quickly realised that people who need storage were looking for a one-stop shop to search out all the options available at a local level - so we opened the directory up to commercial storage operators to advertise their facilities. Now we are seeing new members coming on board everyday from across the country, our listings are growing and we are well on the way to becoming the UK's leading directory for storage.

We hope that we can help you find your ideal storage solution!

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