Top Tips - for private (non-trade) contracts

Like in any relationship, trust and respect are the key ingredients to a good Storenextdoor partnership. We do as much as we can to ensure the relationship and contract go smoothly but there are a few things that we advise you to do as well.


To protect you, your stuff and your home: 

- All private (non-trade) contracts are covered by personal liability and contents insurance
- All transactions are done via the site so no cash payments are involved
- Your contracts are backed by our legal terms and conditions
- All your messages and communication can be done securely via our website
- We hold a record of your contracts and storage history for future reference
- We provide clear, downloadable guidelines on how to store safely
- We look after your data (please see our Privacy Policy)


We advise you to; 


1. Check the Profile (and make yours a good one!)

First impressions are really important. Take a good look at the other member’s profile and make sure yours is friendly and accurate also. The introduction section (and links to Facebook etc) are all there to help you build up an idea of the type of member you will be linking with.

The verifications when you sign up mean that we have checked that a member's phone number and email are all genuine.


Storenextdoor - the sharing economy



2. Be Neighbourly

One of the great things about Storenextdoor is that you can choose to do business on a local level with people that are part of your community. You don’t need us to tell you that it pays to be respectful, honest and nice. As other community-based services have proved, it is only in the very, very rare instance will you ever find an exception to this. Neighbourly behaviour equals courteous exchanges, problem-free arrangements and the development of excellent member profiles/reputations. A result all round.



Storenextdoor - the sharing economy

3. Communicate

As with any relationship it’s good to talk. Answer messages promptly and if there are any problems flag them up early with the other member. Please take the time to leave positive feedback and make recommendations.



Storenextdoor - the sharing economy

4. Take a Friend

It can be a bit nerve-racking meeting people for the first time so, if it makes it easier, take a friend along. It’s always good to get a second opinion – and anyway – are you really going to shift all those boxes on your own?



Storenextdoor - the sharing economy