Earn extra income by renting out the spare space at your home or property as storage! 

How much could you earn by becoming a private (non-trade) storage provider? Do you have a loft or garage sitting empty, or a spare room that you don't use very much? How about having a go at renting it out to people in your neighbourhood who need self-storage? Our Earnings Estimator compares average rental prices in your area and lets you know how much your space could earn you every month...even when you're asleep!

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Questions and Answers


What type of space is suitable?

Your space could be any part of your home - it may be a loft, basement, spare room or garage - or even a large cupboard. It just needs to be dry, secure and accessible. You can rent out up to four spaces inside your home as well as an additional garage, or outbuilding, that is adjacent (within 15m) to your house. 

You are also able to rent out an uncovered space that you own (driveway or forecourt) for the storage of boats, caravans, motorhomes etc. In this instance, however, in addition to the Storenextdoor insurance cover, the item being stored must also be comprehensively insured by the storage owner.

The average earnings of the people that list with us is £90/month (or £250/month for multiple spaces).

Is there a set storage period?

The minimum contract length is one month - there is no maximum. People tend to store for 3 to 12 months minimum. 

What type of things do people store?

Storenextdoor is suitable for non-valuable domestic items; for example, furniture, books, sports equipment, clothes etc. There are restrictions on what can be stored in order to protect you and your property; for example, no fireworks or combustibles and of course nothing illegal or stolen.

How much does it cost to list?

It’s free to register and to make a listing.

As a person with space to spare (we refer to these members as ‘Badgers’), you never have to pay anything as the site fee and the insurance cost are all included in the payment made by the storing party (we refer to these members as ‘Squirrels’). This is why the price advertised is higher than the price that you set in your listing.

Once you have a contract up and running, we collect the payment from the Squirrel, take our fee, and the rest goes straight into your bank account every month via our secure billing system.

How much commission does Storenextdoor take?

We take 15% of the amount paid by the Squirrel. We add this on when you make your listing which is why the price displayed in the Search results is slightly higher than the price that you enter as your 'monthly earning'. The commission covers the insurance, site administration fees and payment process.

What does the insurance cover?

The Aviva Insurance Cover arranged for Storenextdoor, by our insurance advisors Pavey Group, is a significant part of the Storenextdoor service. When a storage contract is arranged via our website, both the named parties (i.e. the ‘Badger’ and the ‘Squirrel’) will benefit from inclusion within this important cover.

For Squirrels (members with stuff to store), the insurance covers:

  • Theft of goods (provided the theft is reported to police and was as a result of violent or forcible entry or exit to the property).
  • Damage to the goods if caused by fire, explosion, escape of water/oil, storm, flood, falling trees, impact.
  • For theft and damage, all items that have been listed within the Squirrel’s inventory are covered up to the value of £2,500 Indemnity replacement value per contract. This is as per the cost of replacement or repair of the property lost, destroyed or damaged (to a condition as good as, but not better or more extensive than, its condition immediately prior to the damage or loss). Any single item is covered up to a maximum of £500 on the same basis.
  • £2million of public and products liability insurance cover. This indemnifies you against (1) legal liability and (2) costs/expenses in respect of accidental personal injury, or damage to the Badger’s property, which arises in connection with the storage contract.

For Badgers (members with space to rent), the insurance covers:

  • £2million of public and products liability insurance cover. This indemnifies you against (1) legal liability and (2) costs/expenses in respect of injury, or damage to your property, which arises in connection with the storage contract.

Please have a look at the FAQ’s and the Insurance page for more information on this.


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