Who is renting out their spare space at Storenextdoor... and who is using it for storage? 

In our opinion Storenextdoor offers a great opportunity for people looking to earn a little extra from home - and a great opportunity for people who want to find storage in their neighbourhood. But, don't take our word for it - you can hear it straight from our members.  

Stephen, a Musician and Dad of two, is one of our first private or non-trade members (we call these people the 'Badgers') and is already on his third self-storage contract. He is making a decent monthly income by renting out his garage, two outbuildings, a spare room and a parking space. 


Jo runs a business selling christmas decorations and has become a Storenextdoor 'Squirrel' after finding Stephen's garage on our website. She is saving a considerable amount over using a commercial provider to store her stock. 



Meanwhile Zoe is renting out a spare room to pay for after school clubs for her children.



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